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Hendrik Hamminga

Hardcore artist manager / Resident DJ

Hendrik Hamminga

“Humanoidz will bring you “big, fat” kicks on the floor you jump!”

DJ Humanoidz is a raw hardstyle & RawCore DJ who will mix weekly for Hard.FM.

Every friday @ 10pm (GMT+1) we will stream his live mixes.

Biography Humanoidz

Hendrik Hamminga a.k.a. Humanoidz, born in Groningen (NL)15 January 1976, is a Raw Hardstyle/RawCore/Hardcore DJ. His love for harder music started when he was 16. He visited party’s in Groningen at Barcarolle where he showed his hardcore skills at almost every hardcore given party there. In that time they still played with vinyl so you can say he has specialized his skills in the “old way” of playing hardcore. After that he started to visit the bigger party’s like Nightmare, Rave the City, Ghosttown, Ravers Religion and Hellraiser. He also played a lot at a youth society, every Friday, till midnight and played a lot of “home party’s”.

 “My love for Raw Hardstyle will always run in my blood.”

After that his attention was drawn to producing. But he found out his skills to play Raw Harstyle/Rawcore was more pleasing then producing. He started to visit festivals like: Defqon, Decibel, District one, Loudness, Qlimax and HardBass. With those festivals as his inspiration he started to mix again. The support of his friends and, the love of his life, his girlfriend he is super motivated.

At this moment he works with Harm a.k.a. Mr Boafist. He hopes to bring out his own album this year.

His connections are wide. We are talking about: Titan, The Geminizers, The Prophet, Tha Playah, Wesly Raiser, MC Raw, Adaro, Outbreak, Warface and Nosferatu.

Keep an eye on this great DJ. You will hear a lot more from Humanoidz.

“Keep respect for all styles.”

Hendrik Hamminga, /